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Do You Need Genie Garage Door Installation, Maintenance Or Repair Service?

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Achieve a Smooth and Fast Mechanism through Genie Garage Door in Thousand Oaks, California

Are you looking for a fast yet smooth garage door? You might consider having Genie Garage Door in Thousand Oaks, California. Are you planning to renovate your garage and thinking of upgrading your old system? Nowadays, there are various modern garage doors available in the market. The current garage doors are mostly equipped with the latest technology. And advanced features that will surely make your life easier.

These modern garage doors significantly add to the overall security of your home. And add value to the entire value of your home as well. One of the most recommended garage doors nowadays is the Genie Garage Door. If you want to know more about this brand, let this article help you.

Why choose Genie Garage Door in Thousand Oaks, California?

When you are planning to invest a quality garage door or opener, you should consider having Genie. If you wish to have a garage door that opens faster compare to the traditional doors, Genie is the answer. When it comes to speed, Genie is the best-recommended garage door. Even though they provide a high-speed mechanism, Genie delivers fast, safe and stable performance. And a lifetime guarantee to the operator as well.

Aside from speed, Genie is also distinguished when it comes to belt drive. Garage doors that are under the brand of Genie offer a vital level of noise reduction which is applicable in homes that prefers a quiet and comfortable environment. In this brand, you will not hear any noise when it slides down and up. Usually, this kind of garage doors is equipped with a wireless pad and remote controls to access the system. If you’re worried that you might lose the keys, you can try a car feature named “HomeLink” to access the garage door.

When talking about the installation process, Genie Garage Door in Thousand Oaks, California is the easiest compared to others. You can install it on your own but if in case you want to make sure the installation process, you can let the professional experts do the job.

The best features of Genie

One of the best features of Genie is that it offers “Safe T-Beam.” It is a special system used to keep your family safe and also your pets as well. It is an invisible infrared beam usually placed at the opening of the door. Once an object is detected through the beam, the door will go in an upward direction. Apart from this special beam, there are also LED lights which indicate if the Safe T-Beams are malfunctioning.

Aside from safety beam, Genie Garage Door in Thousand Oaks, California is geared with an Intellicode Access Security System which enables users to automatically change their access code once they push the remote control. Through this special security system, you can prevent the possibility of intrusion to your garage.

With these wonderful benefits and features, no wonder most of the residential and commercial building used to have Genie as part of their system. If you’re interested in how it works and if it works to your home, you can directly ask the professional experts.